August 15, 2006 - Montreal Kingston

Last Thursday we arrived at Collins Bay near Kingston and were greeted by an amazing person. Her name is Ocean. She sails on a 50 feet Schooner rig boat equipped for long passages. She just came back from the Bahamas. Last year she did Lake Superior and in between most of the Thousand Islands, Georgian Bay and North Channel on lakes Ontario and Huron.

She is 18 months old and runs around the boat like a little monkey. She can barely walk but her arms and hands are so strong that she can hold on to guywires and ropes and she scoots on all four all over the deck. The smile on this little redhead was amazing. Talk of a happy kid.

We had a good passage from Montreal to Coteau du Lac even though we nearly hit the Louis-Hypolite Lafontaine bridge. The chart told us 30 feet clearance but did not tell us that they had a gangway hanging under the bridge for repairs. So the little wip antenna on top of the mast sort of bent half way. That is a good 30 second of adrenaline which keeps you young.

The locks through Lachine, Beauharnois and the Eisenhaeur canals were interesting and we learned much including the need for work gloves. We are becoming experts at locking and as usual Olga’s docking was always perfect.

Olga’s brother, Peter, joined us in Cornwall for the trip to Kingston and he was a great help in the locks. For a sailor he was not too bad at the helm.

We met up with friends Michel and Odette on Simply Grand near Kingston and spent a couple of days at dock and anchor with them. Lots of good food, wine and scotch was consumed and we had many good laughs. Despite trying to convince him to go Trawler, Michel still has the ambition of getting a Beneteau 393.

After spending four days in Ottawa with family, we are back at Collins Bay for our next leg. We will be going to Trenton tomorrow and take the Trent- Severn waterway with 44 locks to get us to Georgian Bay. That should take us a week or so.

The season is getting on and Canada Geese are already on the move. We will need to make track through Georgian Bay, the North Channel and Lake Michigan if we don’t want to get caught in bad fall weather. Anyway that will be some decisions we will need to face soon. There is always the alternative of going back to Sorel and down the Lake Champlain and Hudson River. The goal is still sun and beaches for the winter no matter how we get there.

Andre and Olga on board m/v Mystic Bond


From Montréal to Kingston
July-August 2006

Olga's brother Peter waiting at the Iroquois Lock Big ship coming out of the lock
At some locks we waited several hours. Now it's our turn
Crowding a lock for the ride up
Even locks have wild animals. Great Blue Heron
The welcoming Trident Yacht Club
Our friend Michel anchoring s/v Simply Grand
The Thousand Islands have many beautiful properties



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