July 18, 2007 , Trenton , Ontario

Well, we finally got around to doing another log update. We have been busy though, honest! We spent the last month and a half visiting family and doing boat chores. In June, while the boat was getting its bottom sanded and re-coated in Iroquois, we travelled to Halifax , Quebec , Montreal and Ottawa . We had a bit of a hard time adjusting to land-life and had a few sleepless nights until we got used to not being rocked gently by the water.


It was great to see family and friends; unfortunately, we missed quite a few because of the time available. We did manage to hook up with our friends Lynn and Bob from Green Bay , Wisconsin who were launching their boat in Cape Breton . They had this beauty built at Big Pond Boat Shop (where Mystic Bond was built in 2001-2002), and launched her at Isle Madame . After dealing with the usual problems and adjustments on initial sea trial, the boat was loaded and trucked to Wisconsin where we hope to meet up with them later this summer.


After a while, we got used to nice showers, water on demand, and easy access to stores, etc. I even got a haircut and Olga had a pedicure.after all, we can't spend all our money on the boat, can we? Despite the luxury and convenience of living ashore, we missed our little cocoon of a boat with the forever changing view and neighbourhood.


We returned to the boat and left Iroquois on June 29 and made our way back through the 1000 Islands where we met up with our friends Odette and Michel (and the fast growing Vincent) aboard their new Beneteau 393. Sipping some fine wine at a beautiful anchorage by Beauregard Island , we caught up on our adventures and enjoyed a great meal in Odette's new galley.


On our way to Belleville and later Trenton , we stopped at great anchorages at Smith's Island , Mulcaster Island , Prinyer's Cove and Sandy Cove. The Thousand Islands and the Bay of Quinte are great places to drop the hook and smell the roses.



We stopped in Belleville , Ontario to reconfigure our boat awning which had blown up in the Bahamas and installed a new solid frame bimini. That meant getting rid of our stubby little mast and re-wiring all the equipment that we had managed to attach to it. On boats, nothing is ever simple! It took us ten days to get everything done. While we were at it, we decided to refresh the interior of the boat with new cushions and made our forward berths and watch berth more comfortable for lounging.


Since we were stuck in port for a few days, we also decided to tackle the bright work in a big way. We took off all forward stanchions, cut off the securing pads to add stronger ones and started sanding and varnishing the teak work. What a job, especially in 80 degree weather!. Still, the refinished rails look beautiful and we can putter around for the rest of the summer on a part time basis to re-do all the varnish on the remaining bits and pieces of exterior teak



To give her a bit of a break from all this work, our son Josh picked his mother up to take her sailing on his new Cataline 350 in Toronto. I was worried that she would come back convinced that we needed a sailboat, but she found that living at a thirty degree angle while doing 8.0 knots was great fun for a day or two but that trawler life suited her better for the long term. Phew!


The biggest news of all during this sojourn is that, after dealing with a very temperamental auto-pilot for almost 9000 nautical miles (very frustrating!), we finally seem to have solved the problem. Terry Thomas at CMC Electronics sent us several new parts to try and had us run a whole battery of tests on various elements of the system. We eventually isolated the problem as relating to the fluxgate compass and once that was replaced, everything ligned up exactly as it should have all along. Thanks, CMC for your patience and for the great after-sales service.

Tomorrow morning we will start our treck through the Trent-Severn Waterway, where we plan to meet more friends and family along the way and end up in Georgian Bay by early August. Our next update should have more stories of places discovered, land and locks conquered and gastronomic events enjoyed (or suffered, as the case may be).

Hope all our friends and family are having a wonderful summer. Olga and André


Lake Ontario
June-July 2007
New bottom paint and some repairs in Iroquois
What a gorgeous rear-end, all clean and ship-shape
Mystic Bond coming into Beauregard Island
..Odette hosting us with great food and wine.
Odette and Michel`s Sentina, a big Beneteau with all the amenities
Sarah Lynn III, Lynn and Bob's new baby
Josh the sailor on Lake Ontario
He can even cook on his BBQ! We are jealous since we don't have one
Josh's new Catalina 350, a real beauty
Catalina comfort
Dragonboat races in Belleville
Rainbow in Sandy Cove, Bay of Quinte
Now you see the mast on Mystic Bond....
... now you don't
The new bimini makes a real difference
Sanding teak is not for the faint hearted
Our backyard at Trenton
Smelling the roses in Trenton



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