The Dream

Although we've always loved and tried to live close to the water, we still consider ourselves relatively new to boating. In 1999, we began looking for a boat that would take us cruising to far away places. The criteria were fairly simple:

So we looked at new and used boats but could not find, at a reasonable price, what we were looking for. After talking with local boat builders and visiting all the boat yards in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Maine, we decided that managing the build of a new boat and finishing it ourselves was the most viable (and affordable) possibility.

In April 2001, we commissioned Jimmy MacDonald of North Shore Boats in Arisaig, Nova Scotia, to build a hull using his 40 foot mold. This hull was designed by James D. Rosborough for the fishing fleet of the Northumberland Strait. To accommodate the design that we had started elaborating, additional sheer was added. We also contracted with a Mabou engine shop to install our propulsion system and a major hydraulic system based on commercial specifications.

In July 2001, the hull was ready, engine and tankage as well as the hydraulic systems were in and we trucked this wide open boat on a flat bed to Big Pond, Cape Breton. The Big Pond Boat Shop, owned by Pat and Keith Nelder had worked with us tho finalise the design of the boat and had started the build of the cabin and topsides. When the hull arrived, both were mated. Through the winter of 2001-2002, I worked with Keith and his staff to make the boat water tight and ready for launch. During that time, I installed the electrical, electronics, plumbing and other systems while Big Pond Boat Shop finished off the boat exterior.

Mystic Bond was launched on May 24, 2002, at Big Pond during a gale on the Bras D'Or Lake. The interior was minimal, with no furnishing to speak of but enough to keep us safe and dry on board. We intended to cruise during the summers and finish the boat at our home outside Halifax during the winters. With all the builders and the mechanics on board, we ran from Big Pond to St. Peter's Marina at the other end of the lake at full power. At times we hit 24 knots, but could see very little because of the white water coming over the bow and cabin top.

The next three years were spent getting our sea legs, improving our boat handling skills and working on the boat through the winters. Finally in June 2006, Mystic Bond left Halifax for its long journey south and to other destinations as yet to be chosen.

The Boat


M/v Mystic Bond is a lobster trawler type boat with a single diesel engine and a bow thruster. The hull was built up to provide a big aft cabin with closets, chest of drawers, sofa bench, a head and separate shower. The forward cabin has two wide and long bunks, a second head and a desk/office area. It has plenty of storage closets and drawers. Unless we have guests aboard, we use the forward cabin as our lounge-office and music room.




The main salon and piloting area is quite large and provides terrific visibility. The galley has a full propane stove-grill, a three-way standup fridge, microwave and lots of drawers and cupboard space. The settee and dining table sits to port and accomodates four people.





The helm and instrumentation is to starboard with access to the wide walk-around sidedecks. The navigation-chart table area can accomodate full charts and a laptop and has a full raised settee for the first mate. A big chart locker is also handy. Under the chart table are bookshelves, storage and the main electrical panels. This is a very comfortable arrangement for underway and it is where we do most of our piloting.





The poop deck is very spacious and has a hydraulic winch for the ground tackle. Although the main controls are at the helm station, there is also a joystick here to control the winch as well as the hydraulic bow thruster. On a nice evening there is space to put two lounge chairs.

The aft deck is over the master suite and is elevated. This area contains a second helm station and lounging area with ample seating for 6-8 people. A full width bimini protects this area for those overly sunny or rainy days. Stairs are built into the transom to access the large, built-in swim platform which contains three more deck lockers.




The Specifications

TC Registration

Registered name Mystic Bond
Registration Certificate 824251
Port of Registry Halifax , Nova Scotia
Gross Tonnage 22.76
Net Tonnage 17.07
Ownership 64 shares Olga Massicotte & 64 shares André Massicotte


Build start April 2001
Launch May 24, 2002 at Big Pond, Bras D’Or Lake, Cape Breton
First Haul-Out October 24, 2002 at Bayside, Nova Scotia

Hull Registration

Builder North Shore Boats Limited
Hull Serial Number NS 40-147-150401


Length Overall 43’ 8” Beam 13’ 4”
Length On Deck 40’ Beam at Waterline 12’ 6”
Length at Waterline 40’ 9” Beam at Stern 10’ 10”
Draft 4’ 2” Air Draft - Waterline to Top of Anchor Light 15' 0"
Gross Tonnage 22.76 Net Tonnage 17.07


General 25oz. ISO-NPG, Vinylester skinned, biaxial laminates
Bottom Vinylester & Gelcoat
  Pettit sandless primer/water barrier 6999
  Pettit Trinidad SR antifouling 1677G Red
  Thru bolted ¼” x 4” SS steel shoe keel guard
Sides Vinylester & Gelcoat sanded and faired
  Awlgrip Primer
  Awlgrip, Flag Blue
Topsides West System Epoxy over fiberglass
  Corecell aft deck and cabin top
  Marine ply ¾” cabin side and forward deck
  Awlgrip primer
  Awlgrip Egg Shell White and Moon Dust


Make/Model John Deere 6081 AFM, 8.1 Liter 375 HP, Serial number RG6 081 A136050
Exhaust 6” diameter water exhaust
  6” x 12 1/8” x 41 ½” FRP muffler
  24” x 12” water lock at transom
  Added Vetus 24”Water lift winter 2005
Controls Kobelt Double Lever model 2015
Starter requirement 600A @ 0F or –15C


Make/Model ZF Marine IRM280PL 2 : 1 ratio (Serial 20010638) (Part List 9207002095)
Cooler H-P O/C 3” diameter ¾” oil

Fuel System

Intake Vetus splash stop fuel intake Two intake
Hose 2” wire reinforces fuel fill hoses & ¾” tank fuel vents
  ½” hose (Gravity or pump fed to Day tank)
  2” hose gravity fed between two banks of Main tanks
Pump Groco CP20 Centrifugal Pump feeding Day tank
Filters Racor 900MA 2 micron filter between Main tanks and Day tank
  2 manifolded Racor 75/1000MAX 2micron between Day tank and engine


Pump Eaton Model 70423RBTCesna Load-sense pump 2.77 cub  
Wash down pump Banjo 2” Whispurr 240gpm @ 500psi  
Valves 2-bank PVG32 hydraulic valve for thruster and anchor winch  
Bow Thruster 8” Keypower KP08B-058 (8HP, 1500RPM, 7.5gpm, 2000 psi)  
Helm Hydraulic load sensing upper and lower helms 150-1219  
Joysticks Danforth Joysticks  
Anchor Drum Winch Aluminum (4.5” drum diameter. 14” length, 23” flange diameter  
Valve Priority valve OLS 160 (158B1085)  
Hose ¾” SAE Hose 100R2 , ¼” SAE hose 2 wire, ½” SAE 100R2  
Autopilot Autopilot steering valve A4D01-2F94N12
Oil Oil Hydraulic 32

Drive Train

Propeller Original: LH 28” diameter, 24” pitch (LH 28 24)
  Changed to LH 26” diameter 24” pitch in 2003
  Changed to Haver & S 5 blade 24”x 24”in 2006
Propeller Shaft SS 2 ½” diameter Type 316 SS  
Propeller Clearance 2.5” to hull underside & 2.25” to skeg  
Stern Tube 5’ FRP 
Rudder Size 25.5” H x 23” W, changed July/06 to 29’high x 28.5 W with fins at Samson yard  
Rudder Clearance 3” to hull underside changed to 1” to underside  
Rudder Shaft SS 2” diameter  
Rudder Zinc Donut 1.5” wide x 2” I. D. 
Propeller Zinc 5”


Alternator - Starting Nippon Denso RE 500 226 12V 101211-7780 100A (Engine Battery)  
Alternator - House Balmar 220 (House Battery)  
Batteries - House 3 GNB 135Ahr each changed July/05 to 4 GNB 135Ah  
Batteries - Starting 1 Deep Cycle 8D 1550 CCA changed to 1550 CCA Delco June/06  
Battery Switch Blue Sea 8080 250A conti., 375A intermit, 600A cranking. 1400A Inrush Lug size 3/8”  
Genset NorPro 9kw, added winter 2005
Solar Panels Kyocera 120W solar panels (X 2) with regulator, added spring 2006
Panels Five 8 breaker 12VDC panels at helm, fwd and aft cabin, aft helm, main salon
  Main 16 12-V and 8 120V breakers
  Link 10 battery monitoring system
  2000W Xantrex Inverter-Charger
  ProSine monitoring panel
  Blue Sea Shore-Genset selection switch-breaker
Lighting 12V system throughout

Ground Tackle

Anchors Kingston K45
  Danforth S2000 43 pounds
Chain 75 feet Acco 5/16" G40 high test galvanized
  50 feet Acco 3/8" G30 galvanized
Rode 200 feet 5/8"
Dock Lines 2 50 feet 5/8" blue
  6 35 feet 5/8" blue
  8 Scanmarine ribbed 10" x 26" fenders


Navigation Raymarine E-80 Chartplotter
  Raymarine C80 Radar Chartplotter
  Raynav 300 WASS GPS
  Raymarine GPS 125
  Garmin portable GPS
  Raymarine Type 300 Autopilot
  Raymarine ST60 multidisplays (2)
  Raymarine ST60 Tri-data depth-speed sounders
  Ritchie gimballed compass
  Two Azimuth 1000 Fluxgate compass
Communication Raymarine Ray50 portable VHF radio
  Raymarine Ray 100 fixed VHF radio
  Icom M504 Fixed VHF radio-hailer DSC
  Ray 200 VHF radio hailer DCS (spare)
Misc. Controls Danfoss Electronic joystick - anchor (2)
  Danfoss Electronic joystick - bow thruster (3)

Safety Equipment

Alarms CO2 monitors (2)
  Propane monitor and shut-off switches (fridge and stove)
  Bilge water level monitor / automatic pump
Fire Suppression Engine room - Flag Fire Spaceman NAF-S-III automatic fire extinguisher system
  10 lb. Class ABC portable fire extinguishers (3)
  Water buckets (3)
Signaling Devices Parachute flares (3)
  Smoke signaling device (1)
  Handheld flares (7)
  Flare gun with cartridges (18)
Other Search Lights (1 cabin mounted, 1 handheld)
  PFDs (3 inflatable, 2 vest style)
  Man overboard pole
  Life ring


Refrigeration Norcold Freezer-Fridge 3-way
Cooking Force 10 3-burner oven propane stove
  Electro System LPG monitor


Entertainment System Clarion D-400 stereo CD player
  Sirius satellite receiver
  FM antenna
  Samsung 17" Monitor-TV flat screen display
  Raymarine TV antenna







FRP Fresh Water Aft cabin center-port L78” x W19” x H16” 388L/103USG/86ImpG 855
FRP Fresh Water Aft cabin center-port L78” x W19” x H16” 388L/103USG/86ImpG 855
SS Hot Water Fwd Engine room Stb. L24” x W24” x H18” 50L/13Usg/11ImpG 110
FRP Black Water Fwd Cabin Stb. L60” x W24” x H10” 236L/62USG/52ImpG 580
FRP Gray Water Fwd Cabin Port L60” x W24” x H10” 236L/62USG/52ImpG 580
SS Diesel Day Center Eng. Room L48” x W18” x H24” 340L/90USG/75ImpG 830
SS Diesel Main 1 Aft Eng. Room Stb L48” x W17.25” x H26.5” 360L/95USG/79ImpG 879
SS Diesel Main 2 Aft Eng. Room Port L48” x W17.25” x H26.5” 360L/95USG/79ImpG 879
SS Diesel Main 3 Mid Eng. Room Stb L48” x W17.25” x H26.5” 360L/95USG/79ImpG 879
SS Diesel Main 4 Mid Eng. Room Port L48” x W17.25” x H26.5” 360L/95USG/79ImpG 879
SS Hydraulic fluid Fwd Eng. Room Stb. L12” x W24” x H24” 136L/30USG/25ImpG 277
FRP Ballast Tank Aft Center line bilge L60” x W10” x H36” 354L/94USG/76ImpG 841